Miracle after horror cop stabbing

Sean Ferris was fatally shot on Wednesday Picture: Facebook
Sean Ferris was fatally shot on Wednesday Picture: Facebook

A police officer who was left critically injured after a horror stabbing attack in South Australia has been moved from intensive care and is expected to make a full recovery.

Sergeant Ian Todd and Sergeant Jordan Allely were sent to a home in Crystal Brook, 200km north of Adelaide, for a routine call-out which turned violent within minutes of their arrival.

Local Sean Ferris turned on the officers with a knife, critically injuring Sergeant Todd who suffered wounds to his neck, arm and hands.

He underwent emergency surgery at Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Sergeant Allely was flown to hospital with arm and leg injuries but has since been discharged and is recovering at home with his family.

Brevet Sergeant Ian Todd was stabbed in the neck, arm and hands
Brevet Sergeant Ian Todd was stabbed in the neck, arm and hands
Jordan Allely has been identified as one of the officers injured.
Jordan Allely was also critically injured in the attack
Crystal Brook Shooting
The incident sparked a huge response from emergency services Picture: NCA NewsWire / Brenton Edwards

The 56-year-old Ferris was shot dead.

The officers had been attending the home after an incident outside the local supermarket involving Ferris and his husky dog, Buddy.

Sergeant Todd’s family have revealed that though his condition remains critical, it had improved post surgery and he continues to make progress.

“We are so pleased to report Ian’s recovery has continued to progress over the past few days,” the statement, released by SA Police, said.

“While we know there is a long road ahead, yesterday … we reached another big milestone in Ian’s recovery as he was moved out of the RAH Intensive Care Unit.

“Medical staff are increasingly optimistic Ian will make a full recovery and we are all hopeful for a positive outcome.”

His family thanked the public as well as police and medical staff “for their support and well wishes at this difficult time”.

“Ian is encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response from everyone and we believe this support continues to play a significant role in Ian’s recovery,” his family said.

Sean Ferris was fatally shot on Wednesday Picture: Facebook
Sean Ferris was fatally shot in the incident Picture: Facebook
Ferris’ dog Buddy is at the centre of the incident. Picture: Brenton Edwards

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens has said both men will be offered full support by police as they recover mentally and physically from the attack.

Footage has emerged of the attacker Sean Ferris arguing with people about his dog outside a supermarket before the attack.

“You’re the one causing me trouble, (unintelligible) try and do your job,” Ferry can be heard saying in the footage unveiled by the Advertiser, before adding, “Leave me alone.”

“I’m sick of a***holes like you whinging about my dog and causing me trouble,” he says.

Crystal Brook Shooting
A coronial inquest will be undertaken in relation to the attack. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Brenton Edwards

“Don’t tell me what I should do with my life.”

A resident of Crystal Brook, Tom Sawyer, told The Advertiser he’d witnessed the incident outside the supermarket, and had often seen Ferris in the area with a husky.

“I was across the road and just heard the man aggressively shouting at someone out the front of the shop,” Mr Sawyer said.

“It was about the dog, someone was confronting him about it and he was just yelling that there was nothing he could do about it.”