Minister smashes into fake kangaroo in hilarious driverless car gaffe

Belinda Heggen

South Australia Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan was given a roo-d shock after his driverless car demonstration went embarrassingly awry.

Spruiking new driverless car technologies on the Torrens Parade ground in Adelaide on Friday, Mr Mullighan jumped into the passenger seat to showcase ‘autonomous emergency brakes’.

Travelling at 40km/h with an international audience, the brakes failed, and poor skippy the stuffed kangaroo became an innocent victim.

Photo: 7News
Photo: 7News

“I’m glad I wasn't standing in front of him," Mr Mullighan said.

“We've tried it over and over and over again and of course, it never happens."

Photo: 7News
Photo: 7News

After their second attempt proved more successful, the minister decided to give a lesson in the art of spin.

“This is a good example of why there needs to be testing in Australia of these new technologies," he announced.

The moment before impact. Photo: 7news
The moment before impact. Photo: 7news

Within hours, the misadventure had hit social media.

"What happened?," Premier Jay Weatherill asked on Twitter.

"I'm meant to be test driving this thing tomorrow.”

"I think it was set to ‘cull’, not ‘avoid’," Mr Mullighan responded.

Driverless cars will hit the Southern Expressway for an Adelaide-first trial tomorrow.