Millionaire criticised for using exotic animals 'like artwork'

Millionaire criticised for using exotic animals 'like artwork'

A Persian millionaire who openly shares his extravagant life on Instagram has come under fire for owning exotic animals and treating them like ‘artwork’.

Humaid Abdalla ALbuqaish is a Dubai local that’s attracted close to 800,000 followers by sharing videos and photos of his crazy cat obsession.

Many of today’s Arab elite have come from poorer families, so when they’ve got it… they flaunt it in sometimes mind boggling ways.

Mr ALbuquaish does this by collecting exotic animals including lions, cheetahs, turtles, meerkats, monkeys and more.

He’s also got a solid collection of supercars.

While it’s unclear what he does for a living, owning exotic animals is considered a sign of wealth and status for residents of the United Arab Emirates.

And while many of his followers appear to be envious of Mr ALzbuquaish and his ‘animal kingdom’, not all support his antics.

His actions have made animal welfare activists furious.

A spokesman for RSPCA Australia (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) told News Corp that exotic animals belong in their natural environment and should only be bred in captivity if there were plans to release them back into the wild.

“These people seem to use exotic animals like artwork, surely there are better ways to show off your wealth,” the spokesman told News Corp .

Despite the RSPCA’s concerns, it’s unlikely Mr ALbuqaish will give up his big cat house hold any time soon.

Photos and video from @humaidalbuqaish Instagram.

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