Milk sold at Woolworths and Coles recalled after Ecoli concerns

Food Standards Australia have specified the use-by dates shoppers need to look out for and avoid.

There has been an urgent recall for milk sold at Woolworths and Coles amid fears some bottles have been contaminated with the E.coli infection.

Bottles of Tempo Foods' 'Fresh Milk' were found to have the infection and supermarket giants as well as independent retailers have been urged to immediately strip the products from shelves.

The skim zero per cent two litre bottle (red label) with the use-by date of October 31 has been affected, as well as the light 2.5 per cent two litre bottle (yellow label) and the full cream two litre bottle (blue label) with use-by dates October 31 and November 2.

The milk recall of Tempo Food's full cream, light 2.5 per cent and skim zero per cent bottles with set use-by dates.
Food Safety Australia have announced a milk recall for certain bottles of Tempo Foods' 'Fresh Milk' range. Source: Food Safety Australia

The recall only impacts products currently for sale in NSW and Victoria, Food Standards Australia said.

E.coli can cause serious illness

E.coli is a group of bacteria which are found in the gut and are healthy, however, others strains can pose serious health risk, with the leading cause of infection caused by consuming contaminated products. It can also spread with contact of people who are sick.

Mild illness caused by the infection include diarrhoea and food poisoning — often associated with eating raw or uncooked chicken — yet a range of foods can cause contamination and E.coli can cause more serious health risks such as pneumonia and inflammation of the gallbladder known as cholecystitis.

People should seek medical help if they believe they have been consumed something contaminated with E.Coli and their diarrhoea persists, have a fever, believe they are becoming dehydrated or have severe pain in the stomach or rectum.

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