"Unbelievable'': Dog missing for more than a week rescued from cliff

A dog missing for more than a week has been reunited with its owners after it was found on the side of a Gold Coast cliff.

Mikki the staffy hadn’t been seen since last Tuesday after disappearing from her home at the top of a Currumbin cliff.

Residents in the valley below heard the distressed dog barking and raised the alarm.

Mikki is now safe and sound. Source: 7 News

“I was just listening to the barks and tried to get as close as I could,” a concerned resident said.

RSPCA rescuer Jo Jordaan said the team worked long into the night to find a path up the mountain to get to Mikki.

On Wednesday morning the RSPCA called reinforcements and volunteers abseiled down the cliff face and rescued the stranded dog.

Volunteers abseil down the cliff at Currumbin. Source: 7 News

Mikki’s owner Graham Batey said it was “unbelievable” the dog was found and as excited to have the staffy back home.

“She was a long way down,” he said.

“(She’ll be sleeping) by the fire tonight as per usual.”

Cathy Batey praised the RSCPA and volunteers for a “mammoth effort.”

The staffy was all tuckered out after a long adventure. Source: 7 News