Mike Pence reacts to criticism over 'flamboyantly pure' promise to his wife

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo News Chief National Correspondent Jon Ward, former Vice President Mike Pence responds to criticism over his decision to never dine alone with a woman other than his wife, Karen Pence. “I’m a sinner saved by grace,” he jokes, adding, “The outpouring of support that we’ve encountered in the months and the years that followed that [were] very humbling to me.”

Video transcript

JON WARD: Tucker Carlson said that you're so flamboyantly pure you won't have dinner with ladies who are not your wife. Do you consider yourself flamboyantly pure?

MIKE PENCE: I'm a sinner saved by grace. [LAUGHS] I must tell you, there's a lot of things that surprised me when I was elected to the White House but none more so than the criticism that we took for a promise that I'd made to my wife when we were first married. I just simply said I would not dine alone with a woman who was not my wife.

JON WARD: There was a lot of mockery at first. But then Me Too happened and people were like, oh, well, it-- maybe it doesn't look so bad after all.

MIKE PENCE: You know, the outpouring of support that we've encountered over the months and the years that followed that, very humbling to me. It was-- you know, there's nothing more important to me than my marriage and my family.