Migaloo makes mighty splash in rare sighting off Gold Coast

The white whale Migaloo is back and has made a spectacular return to Queensland, putting on a show for his adoring fans.

The giant white marine mammal surprised a group of whale watchers off the Gold Coast frolicking right beside their boat.

The friendly giant was glowing white beneath the surface when he made a grand entrance drawing "oooos" and "aghhhs" from the crowd.

The moment the magestic whale appeared. Source: 7 News

Migaloo was spotted off south Burleigh early on Saturday morning.

The majestic mammal made a memorable impression showing off his signature white tail time and again.

The rare whale made a surprise appearance much to the delight of onlookers. Source: 7 News

"I've never seen him come in south before and I think it's been ten years since he's come in south,” tour guide operator Karen Evans told 7 News.

After travelling all the way from California for the tour, the Franklin family got more than they bargained for.

"It was a Father's Day present so it couldn't have been better timing and we almost change for the later trip," Marcelle Franklin said about the rare sighting.

This delighted family travelled all the way from the US. Source: 7 News

“We’re very lucky cause I’ve found out there are only four in the whole world,” another onlooker commented.

Migaloo was last spotted on the Gold Coast in July.

"We're heading toward the end of the migration. I dare say we wouldn't see him again," Ms Evans said.

Lucky fans took plenty of pictures to prove this was no white lie.