Mice in a cinema! Hoyts trapped

Mice in a cinema! Hoyts trapped

Angry cinemagoers are taking to social media after encountering mice in a Hoyts Perth movie theatre over the Easter weekend.

Sue Donnelly and Jake Moore posted photographs and video of mice eating their food as they watched a film at the Hoyts Carousel cinema.

The criticism grew with film fans inundating Hoyts' facebook page demanding action and to determine if the claims were true of false.

Hoyts confirmed the reports were true. It released a statement on its Facebook page today, saying there were “unwanted guests” in the cinema and that it was taking steps to address the problem.

Ms Donnelly said she went to Hoyts yesterday with her granddaughter and was disgusted to find the cinema “crawling with rats/mice”.

“Upon complaining at the front desk about the infestation I was told the problem was already known about and nothing could be done by an exterminator for two weeks!

"To add to my disgust when I returned to my seat one of the vermin was eating her chips!” she posted on the Hoyts Australia Facebook page.

Ms Donnelly said her ticket and food costs were refunded and they left halfway through the movie.

Mr Moore posted video footage of a mouse sitting on the side of a bowl, saying he had been enjoying his pudding when he saw a mouse in it.

Hoyts said it had been investigating this issue thoroughly and it was currently being addressed.

“Hoyts takes the comfort of our guests and the staff that serve them very seriously. Every effort is made to ensure our sites are maintained at a level that meets the stringent standards expected and tested ongoing by Council health regulators,” its statement said.

“In response to an issue experienced at our Carousel site over the Easter weekend, we would like to ensure patrons that Hoyts have been undertaking preventative measures at this site. Hoyts will immediately conduct incremental reactive measures to assist in eradicating the problem with our service provider attending and servicing the site today.”

In response to other comments on its Facebook page, Hoyts said La Premiere Cinema is closed while "the issue is being addressed. The rest of the site and our other screens at the complex remain open at present".

Hoyts is continuing to re-publish its statement in response to the criticism.

Other people have also posted comments on the Hoyts Facebook page to say they had seen mice at the Carousel cinema.