WATCH: Men save sea turtles caught in plastic

Two men who were holidaying in Malta came across a beached turtle trapped in plastic and did all they could to help free it.

After deciding that the animal needed help, they picked the turtle up and placed it on the beach to remove the trash.

Using a lighter, they were able to melt the plastic off the turtle and release it back into the water.

The men find the turtle that's stuck. Source: Jukin Mediasize=O

Footage shows one of the men attempting to lift the turtle to move back into the ocean before realising the turtle is trapped.

"Oh he's caught," one man says.

"Rescue, rescue," the other man says.

The men use a lighter to melt the plastic. Source: Junkin Media

The men then lead the turtle back to the ocean and watch as it swims away.

The duo named the turtle Terry.