Pokemon No: Men fall off bluff while playing Pokemon Go in fenced-off area

It was bound to happen....

Two men were rescued after falling more than 40 feet from an ocean bluff while playing the gaming hit Pokémon Go in San Diego.

The men, both in their early 20s, fell off the cliff after crossing into a fenced-off area in an attempt to catch digital monsters while playing the game, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its release. Source: Supplied.
Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its release. Source: Supplied.

Firefighters rescued the men on Wednesday, and took them to trauma centers in the area. They suffered moderate injuries.

One man fell between 75 and 100 feet, and the other fell about 50 feet down the bluff.

“I think people just need to realise this is a game,” Sgt. Rich Eaton of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s not worth your life. No game is worth your life.”

Pokemon Go shows players where in the
Pokemon Go shows players where in the

Further north in California, an Anaheim man in his late 20s was stabbed several times while playing the game early Wednesday morning in a park, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He was taken to an area hospital and reported to be in fair conditions.

However on a lighter note another US man Viner, Victor Pope Jr has posted a video on Twitter of his drunken Pokemon adventure gone wrong and its absolutely hilarious.

The video begins him asking a very legitimate question: Do Pokemon have a curfew, do they come out late at night?

He seems to have ventured out and come back traumatised, after a Pokemon asked him why he's out so late and to 'Pokemon GO to sleep.'

Poor guy just wanted to be the very best and catch them ALL (not some). No matter the time of day.

The video was uploaded yesterday and it's already racked up over 15 million views.

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