One in seven women feel 'unsafe' as Melbourne's most dangerous train stations revealed

Victorian Opposition leader Matthew Guy says crime is rising at an alarming rate on Melbourne's rail stations and a list of the most dangerous has just been released.

Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross, both in the CBD, are the two most dangerous train stations in Melbourne, but many suburban stations are also considered highly unsafe, with three in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs among the 10 worst for crime.

"Our public transport system is less safe than it was two years ago," Matthew Guy said. "Those figures don't lie."

In the June quarter this year, station crime hit a record high of 1840 incidents, up 13 per cent in a year.

Matthew Guy says crime is rising on Melbourne train platforms. Source: 7 News

Each week there is an average of 139 crimes, up 35 per cent over two years.

"It's just another example of crime out of control in Victoria," Mr Guy said.

Safety on public transport is an increasing concern for many. Source: 7 News

The government countered that it is training more police and protective services officers.

"I'm not going to be lectured by Matthew Guy, who has lobsters with alleged mobsters," Acting Police Minister James Merlino said.

Crimes happen at all times of the day and night. Source: 7 News

Flinders Street and Southern Cross have the most crime, then Dandenong, Ringwood, Frankston, and Sunshine.

They are followed by Werribee, North Melbourne, Richmond and Caulfield.

The most dangerous stations in Melbourne. Source: 7 News

Not all crime is after 6pm, either, with 47 per cent happening before protective services officers clock on for work.

Mr Guy is calling for a review into the hours protective services officers do, and whether they need to be on stations for longer.

The latest report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that one in seven women are fearful of travelling on public transport at night.

Premier Daniel Andrews says that is a shameful statistic, but extra officers will help make the public feel safer.

Premier Daniel Andrews is promising to put more protective services officers on train stations. Source: 7 News

"We will have more and more officers exactly where they are needed most," he said.

The government is hiring an extra 100 protective services officers to patrol crime hot spots.


  1. Flinders Street - 154 offences
  2. Southern Cross - 135
  3. Dandenong - 94
  4. Ringwood - 67
  5. Frankston - 50
  6. Sunshine - 48
  7. Werribee - 34
  8. North Melbourne - 31
  9. Richmond - 30
  10. Caulfield - 28