Melbourne woman who lost baby hours after birth finds comfort in a novel place

A Melbourne woman who lost her newborn baby just hours after giving birth has found comfort from an unlikely place.

Kezia Brett has written a book to help the thousands of parents whose children have a difficult start to life.

For Kezia and husband Damian McLindon, the joy of expecting their first child last year turned to unimagined grief.

“At about 30 weeks or so there were some other complications that made things more serious,” Kezia said.

Damian McLindon and wife Kezia Brett. Source: 7 News

“So we had Olive at 32 weeks and she passed away about six hours after she was born.”

During her pregnancy and already a writer, Kezia found therapy in penning her first children's book.

“It gave me something to focus on,” she said.

The couple lost their newborn soon after a premature birth. Source: 7 News
Kezia's book From Above the Clouds has been a salvation. Source: 7 News

The finished result is From Above the Clouds, an uplifting children's book written for the 45,000 babies who begin their lives in special or intensive care nurseries every year.

“It’s a magical story. It’s about a sick baby coming into the world,” Kezia said about the book.

“I think it’s something that will appeal to families that have gone through something similar. At its core, it’s about family love and community.”

The couple are now expecting, with the baby to arrive in March. Source: 7 News

Husband Damien said although he had not “cried many times” in his life, one time “was when Olive died and the second time was when I read the book because it was so beautiful”.

All good stories should have a happy ending and after a lot of heartache, Kezia and Damian have theirs.

“We are expecting baby number two in March,” Kezia said.