Search for mystery $55m Powerball winner... so where did you buy your ticket?

Mel Buttigieg

Victorians are scrambling to check their lotto tickets after it was announced someone has won Thursday night's $55 million jackpot, with a ticket purchased from a newsagency in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

The winning ticket was unregistered so it's likely the new multi-millionaire may not even know they have taken out the highest Australian lottery jackpot in 12 months.

It is unclear if the prize could go to one individual person or a private syndicate, a Tatts spokeswoman said.

A mystery Victorian has woken up $55m richer following last night's jackpot, but is yet to come forward. Source: Powerball

Tatts urged all Melbourne residents and visitors holding a ticket to think back at where they bought it from and take a good look at the numbers.

The mystery winner picked all six winning numbers - 32, 7, 5, 34, 38 and 11, as well as the all-important 'Powerball,' which was 12.

If you bought your ticket in north Melbourne, check your ticket now. Source: Getty

"All players in Melbourne's northern suburbs who had an entry in last night's draw should check their ticket this morning," Tatts' Bronnie Spencer said.

"If you discover you're holding the division one winning entry, hold on tight to that ticket.

“With $55 million up for grabs, last night’s Powerball draw was one of the most hotly anticipated draws of recent years and one Melbourne player won it all!” she said.

“We can’t wait to confirm the out-of-this-world prize with our mystery winner! Just imagine how $55 million might change your life and the lives of your nearest and dearest."

Tatts are expected to release the name of the newsagency which sold the lucky ticket on Saturday morning if the mystery millionaire doesn't come forward today.