Melbourne storms flood woman's brand new house : 'F***ing nightmare'

A Melbourne man has highlighted the severity of recent extreme weather with his sister's new house flooding because of heavy rain.

The new-build home in Casey, southeast of the city, is not considered a flood zone, but despite this a pool of water gushed in and filled the property.

"So my sister's brand new house has turned into a f***ing nightmare," he said in the video shared on TikTok last week

In it, he walks from the front door down the hallway with rainwater brushing his ankles with furniture and plants partially submerged in water.

Melbourne house flooded during heavy rain and storm.
The new home in the Melbourne suburb of Casey flooded last week during a stint of heavy rain as more storms loom. Source: TikTok

In the comments, a woman named Kristie — believed to be his sister and the homeowner — said she bought the house after it was built and only moved in one and a half weeks ago.

Council and builders blamed for drainage

People in the comments questioned the level of the home, pointing out it's lower than ground level taking aim at the builders for their so-called mistake.

This means water from the rain will flow down towards the home — rather than away from it — which probably contributed to the flood last week, they concluded, adding that homes should always be built slightly higher.

"If your home is lower than the street there should be drains installed at the front of the property. Never skimp out on a private building inspector," one said.

But Kristie revealed there is "sufficient drainage" so "this should not be an issue".

"The land was subdivided and townhouses built. [There are ] four storm water drains on this house boundary, plus another four in the common driveway running down the left side," she explained.

She claims the council storm drain caused the overflow noting she has been in touch with both the council and the developer, and they are "working on resolving".

Up to 70mm of rain expected to fall

With an onslaught of heavy rains up to 70mm expected across parts of Victoria from from Thursday, the homeowner's brother shared a follow-up clip detailing their precautionary measures.

"At the moment, no one is taking ownership or responsibility of the initial cause of flooding," he said in the clip, panning around the front yard of the house.

"However we have set up sandbags at the front door and around the driveway, and on the council nature strip to prevent, hopefully, most of the water coming inside the property today as we're expecting up to 70mm of rain."

Homeowner with sandbags around property to protect against storm and rain.
The homeowner has prepared for this week's extreme weather by placing sandbags around the property. Source: TikTok

People in the comments were concerned for the potential damage already caused to the property after last week's flooding.

"This is gonna be a nightmare to repair. Floor wall removal, mould treatment… mine had a section of wet damage and it took 8 months to repair," one said.

Victoria warned of wild weather

Others said it is "heartbreaking" to see anyone go through this as flood warnings have been issued across the state ahead of Thursday's extreme weather event.

Most of Victoria has been warned to brace for wild weather and flash flooding today, with the worst set to hit Thursday afternoon and evening.

Communities near rivers, creeks and low-lying areas in the Northern Victoria region were asked to stay on alert and up to date with changing warnings.

Residents of Rochester, 180km north of Melbourne, have been sandbagging their homes with fears some 700 houses could be flooded if the nearby Campaspe River bursts its banks.

Experts have declared Thursday's conditions as the state's "worst weather event of the year". This follows major flooding which destroyed homes and properties across NSW and Victoria earlier this year.

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