Detail on Melbourne property listing called out - but can you spot why?

An odd detail on a Melbourne real estate listing has set tongues wagging online.

In a post shared on reddit, one user claims the real estate company “really tried their best” but followers have called out the “unrealistic edits" made to the backyard of the home.

“Do they not want people to know that leaves fall off trees?” a person questioned.

“Is it a secret?”

The back garden of a home with a big tree
Social media users claim the leaves have been 'cloned' and photoshopped onto the tree. Source: reddit

The image posted on the social media platform reveals the suburban backyard of a bricked house, featuring a clothesline and large tree.

But it’s what’s on the tree at the three-bedroom Reservoir property that’s caught so much attention: A series of leaves so identical it’s as if they’ve been photoshopped onto the branches.

Realtor denies photo has been manipulated

“God works in symmetrical ways,” one user wrote, before someone else added, “It’s giving ctrl+c ctrl+V.”

“If I stare at that tree long enough, will I see a 3D image of the Eiffel Tower,” another joked.

“I was doing better photoshop jobs than this when I was 12,” a further person said.

Another commented, “I want to live in the quantum realm.”

Photos of the tree
The real estate agent shared a new photo of the tree taken on Wednesday afternoon (right). Source: Woodards

But while many have been quick to call out the “pretty crappy photo editing”, pointing not just to the “cloned” leaves but the bright green grass, the real estate agent denies there’s been any retouching.

“If anything there is a flash used, and they [the photographer] probably overexposed it,” the agent told Yahoo News Australia.

He’s since shared an unedited photo of the back garden, taken on Wednesday afternoon, revealing the tree in full bloom.

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