Horrific vision released after motorcyclist sent flying over car

Video has emerged of a horrifying crash that saw a motorcyclist fly over the bonnet of a car on a Melbourne highway.

After suffering a string of life-threatening injuries in the Princes Highway crash, the rider identified as “Matt” wants the man behind the wheel to go to jail.

“I had a broken pelvis, brain injury, a collapsed lung, damage to my liver and one of my testicles had to be removed,” he told 7 News.

Seconds before the impact, several other cars can be seen rolling through the busy intersection ignoring the stop sign.

The driver can be seen creeping over the intersection. Source: 7 News

But the unlucky 36-year-old biker slammed into the car at 80km/h.

His injuries so severe, more than a year after the crash he's still not able to work.

“It's changed my life completely, it's never going to be the same,” Matt said.

The motorcyclist had no time to react and was sent flying over the bonnet. Source: 7 News

The driver, Ajith Waduge, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing serious injury.

The defence successfully applied to have the case heard at the Magistrates Court where a smaller penalty could be imposed, with the driver’s lawyer suggesting a notable fine was an appropriate punishment.

Police and Matt hope this graphic vision reminds drivers to take extra care around motorcyclists.

Matt suffered a broken pelvis, brain injury, a collapsed lung, damage to his liver and one of his testicles had to be removed. Source: 7 News

“They're hard to see and drivers need to be aware of that… slow down, obey the lights obey the stop signs and just take your time,” Senior Constable Paul Willoughby told 7 News.

“Open your eyes on the road look where you're going it's not hard,” Matt added.

A sentence will be handed down later this month.