Melbourne golf course overrun by 'stampede' of kangaroos

At the Heritage Golf & Country Club outside Melbourne, a group of marsupials interrupted a local golfer's game, leaving him dumbfounded.

Stephen Roche, who recorded the footage, can be heard telling the animals to "not stand on my golf ball" and describing the event as a "fair-dinkum stampede".

"We have kangaroos on our 2 courses at Heritage Golf & Country Club, but I’ve never seen this before!!" he tweeted alongside the video.

When the kangaroos walked on by, Michael McCarthy, a fellow golfer, was also having a great time. Placing himself back on the fourth tee, he remarked that it "felt like it went forever".

Despite their shock, the golfers let the marsupials continue their game.

If Roche hadn’t pulled out his camera to document the remarkable scenes, many probably wouldn’t have believe what he was claiming.

The video quickly captured the attention of online users, with one quipping: "Hope they're gonna rake those bunkers!".

While another user had nothing but questions, wondering: “Is this normal? Don't they ruin the course? Where do they eventually poo?”.

In case you were wondering the answer to this question, another user has kindly responded: “They are soft footed animals & yes they poo of course, but it’s not like cow or horse poo much smaller.”

If you’re venturing out to Australia soon, this is your warning to watch your step.

It's not the first time a group of kangaroos have interrupted sports in Australia and it probably won’t be the last.

Kangaroos live in groups called troops, herds or mobs which are typically made up of 50 or more members, according to National Geographic.When the golf club declared in 2021 that it would cull kangaroos that wandered onto the course, it became the subject of controversy. The club then decided to reverse the plan and construct fences in response to public outrage.