Melbourne crane collapse: Giant arm crashes to the ground after blaze 10-storeys up

A fire that caused a crane to collapse at a Melbourne construction site is under control.

The MFB was called to the crane fire at The Village construction site on St Kilda Road about 3.15pm on Tuesday.

The crane arm then collapsed when the fire spread.

The MFB believe an electrical fire started in the motor of the crane.

Nine vehicles and 36 firefighters attended the site, while a ladder platform was used to get the fire under control.

No one was injured in the incident.

Firefighters will use an aerial appliance and thermal imaging cameras to check all hot spots are extinguished - there are plans to dismantle the crane.

Witnesses have since reported the fire consumed the entire cabin before the crane's arm crashed to the ground.

“It was frightening, I saw the arm fall and heard a crash, hopefully no one was underneath," a witness from the building opposite told the Herald Sun.

“But the rest of the crane kept rocking and I thought that was going to go over as well.

“There were about five fire engines here before you could even see the fire. They had one hose on it for about half an hour but now they’re just letting it burn.

“It looks like they’re just letting it burn out now”

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