Melbourne bar owners want to give business away for free

The owners of Hard Rubbish want to give away the bar for free, knowing that the right person just might not have the money. Source: ABC News

Video transcript

CHARLOTTE TIZZARD: We decided that it was time for us to move on from owning Hard Rubbish. It's been a really beautiful community experience having this place. And we decided that instead of giving it to the person who can pay us the most money, we want to give it to the person who we think has the most energy and drive to carry it on and really keep that community going.

- How long have you been running the bar, Charlotte?

CHARLOTTE TIZZARD: We've had it for six years, and we opened it from scratch with very little money. And it's very expensive to buy a business, and we wanted to give young people who might not have the money the opportunity to own their own business.

- Do you make money?