Birthday surprise: Baby born on same date as both mum and grandma

A Melbourne family has welcomed the birth of a new baby girl, but they've got three times the reason to celebrate.

Baby Scarlett, her parent's first daughter and the newest addition to the Wilson household in Wyndham Vale just happens to have been born on the same date as her mother and her grandmother.

She made her debut, just before midday on March 31, the day that her mother, Kelly Wilson, also her parent's first daughter, was celebrating her 29th birthday.

Baby Scarlett was born on the same day as her mum and grandma. Photo: 7 News
Mum Kelly says Scarlett's birth on her birthday was an unexpected surprise. Photo: 7 News

"It just so happened to plan that way, we were excited - u we didn't want to get too excited," Kelly said.

For grandma Leanne, also born on March 31, it was history repeating itself.

"I went into labour just after midnight on my birthday and everyone was coming to see the new baby and I'm like, it's my birthday too, where's my presents," she said.

The three generations of Wilson women were all born on the same date. Photo: 7 News

Melbourne University Professor Peter Taylor said it's not a quite a one-in-a-million event, but it's not too far off.

"You have to multiply 1 on 365 together by itself and if I did it correctly I think it's 1 over 133,225."

Expert Peter Taylor said the three generations sharing a birth date is a very rare event. Photo: 7 News

Every year March 31 will be a special day for the family, starting from next year.

"First birthday next year, 30th and 55th," Kelly said.

But it in 2038 it will be truly unique, when Kelly turns 5, Leanne turns 75 and Scarlett has her 21st.

She doesn't know it yet, but Scarlett set to share her birthday with her closest relatives for the rest of her life. Photo: 7 News