Mel Greig: The true story of the royal prank call

In December 2012, Greig and 2DayFM co-host Michael Christian pretended to be the Queen and Prince Charles and called the King Edward VII Hospital in London where a pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated for acute morning sickness.

A nurse revealed details of Kate’s condition – an unexpected scoop that made headlines around the world.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Night guest reporter Mel Doyle, Mel Greig told how she urged senior managers to alter the recording. She wanted 2DayFM staff members’ voices to be used instead of the nurses – so they’d be spared any embarrassment.

Her suggestion was ignored. The call went to air unaltered.

Three days later, Jacintha Saldanha, who had transferred the call to Kate Middleton's ward was found hanged in the hospital nurses’ accommodation.

She left behind a note blaming the two Australian DJs for her death.

"I feel like a failure as a human being," Mel said. "I am ashamed of myself. I should have tried harder to not let that prank call air."

Mel Greig told how she’d had lost her career and health and how she and her family has had to endure constant attacks.

She said: "They targeted my family. They were innocent victims. They would call my mum and say ‘an eye for an eye - she died… and now you have to die’."

For those seeking support and information about suicide prevention please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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