Megan Thee Stallion sets album release date

Megan Thee Stallion's third album will be called 'Megan' and it will be released on June 28.

The 29-year-old rapper has been teasing the new record's release with a series of snake-themed singles - 'Cobra', 'Boa' and 'Hiss' - and she made the announcement about the album's name and release date during her show at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday night (03,05.24) by giving fans a QR code they can use to pre-order the record.

It comes after Megan explained the snake-theme to her new work, telling L’Officiel: "We don't just stop at the snake. This is just what everybody sees right now.

"Renewal, rebirth: that is the whole concept of this [album]. We started with the snake because, first of all, I love snakes, but I feel like snakes are so misunderstood, especially in western culture.

"Snakes represent rebirth, spirituality. I'm not really a person that's like, Oh my God, sunshine and just super bubbly, happy.

"I like darker things. I like things that are a little scary. I like things that are unique. I picked the snake because … it's kind of like an antihero."

She added of the album's sound: "It won't feel like I went so left. It'll feel true to me. You'll almost be like, ‘I wouldn't have thought she would've rapped over that, but this sounds great'."

'Megan' will be available to stream and purchase from June 28.

The rapper kicked off her 'Hot Girl Summer Tour' with a show in Minneapolis on May 14. She will perform across North America over the summer before heading to the UK to play Glasgow and Manchester. She will then perform in Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, and then heading to Dublin, Birmingham, and London, and wrapping with a slot at Washington's Broccoli City Festival.

During a previous appearance on Good Morning America', Megan said of the tour: “Oh, we’re having the tour this year. The 'Hot Girl Summer Tour' is gonna be 2024 summertime.

"I feel like I’ve never been able to be outside during my early days during the summer since 2019."