Mega Millions winner won't share prize

One of the winners of last week's $US640 million Mega Millions jackpot will not share the prize with her co-workers despite the group being in a syndicate together.

Mirlande Wilson says she purchased the winning ticket – now worth more than $US100 million – with her own money while also buying tickets for the syndicate she is in with her co-workers.

The syndicate is made up of 14 people who earn around seven US dollars an hour working for McDonalds.

CCTV footage reportedly shows the ticket being purchased from a nearby convenience store at around the same time Ms Wilson was sent by her co-workers to buy their tickets.

The co-workers are now demanding she split the winnings.

One of the workers is said to have warned Ms Wilson about her decision. "These people are going to kill you. It's not worth your life", he reportedly told her.

But the lucky winner, a Haitian immigrant and mother of seven, is remaining defiant.
"The winning ticket was a separate ticket”, she told The New York Post.

Americans spent the equivalent of five dollars for every single person in the country on last week's huge lottery draw.

Millions of people tuned in to the live draw, with all but three ticket holders walking away virtually empty handed.

Ms Wilson is said to have called the store where she works shouting "I’ve won! I’ve won!", after the draw.