MediSecure named as health organisation in 'large-scale' data breach, warning over deadly drug discovery: Australian news live

Plus a former MAFS contestant is joining OnlyFans at 45, insisting her account is 'incredibly classy'.


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In some breaking news this afternoon, MediSecure has been named as the health organisation that has fallen victim to a “large-scale ransomware” data breach. A government investigation is now underway.

Earlier we brought you the disturbing news a European leader has been shot in what is being called an assassination attempt. Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico is in a life-threatening condition after he was shot in the stomach while meeting with supporters.

Former prime minister Scott Morrison has also raised eyebrows with a social media post after he met with Donald Trump yesterday. Read more below.

Police are warning to keep an eye out for Coles scams via text, with those behind them trying to tap into the Australian dialect.

We also have another former MAFS contestant joining OnlyFans. But the 45-year-old has stressed she's doing it in a "classy" way.

  • MediSecure victim of 'large-scale ransomware' breach

    MediSecure has been named as the Australian health organisation that has fallen victim to a “large-scale ransomware” data breach.

    National Cyber Security Coordinator Michelle McGuinness said a "whole-of-government response" was underway.

  • Warning over potentially-deadly MDMA pills

    An urgent warning has been put out by NSW health authorities after MDMA pills circulating in the state were found to have a dangerously high dosage.

    The purple-grey tablets have a ‘Punisher’ skull design on the front as seen below. Some are believed to contain twice the average dose of a normal MDMA tablet.

    “MDMA can cause severe agitation, raised body temperature, seizures or fits, irregular heart rhythm and death,” Dr Darren Roberts said.

    The Punisher tablets.
    The Punisher tablets.
  • Real estate agent's photo edit unsurprisingly mocked

    Real estate agents have copped a bit of flak recently for editing photos on listings, with many arguing it simply should not be allowed.

    Well this one we can get around, purely for the laughs it's brought us here in the Yahoo office.

    Princess Peach if you're looking for a room, rental rights advocate Jordie van den Berg has found it.

  • Pizza Hut fined $2.5 million for unsolicited messages

    Fed up with spam texts and emails from companies constantly trying to sell you something?

    Well the government is cracking down, with Pizza Hut copping a $2.5 million fine for their "disappointing" behaviour.

    An Australian Communications and Media Authority investigation revealed Pizza Hut sent out almost six million texts and emails between January and May 2023 to customers who had not consented to the ads or had opted out of the marketing.

    Read more here.

    Pizza Hut logos are seen on boxes in Krakow, Poland on April 20, 2024. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
    Pizza Hut bombarded Aussies with texts and emails and have since paid the price. Source: Getty
  • Push to scrap golf courses for housing

    There's a push to turn more golf courses into residential estates in a bid to ease the housing crisis.

    The contentious issue has divided many, with a handful of Melbourne courses already snapped up by property developers.

    CEO of property developer Intrapac Max Shifman told the Herald Sun struggling courses are "ripe for development".

    “Golf courses represent an incredible opportunity in the midst of a housing crisis to develop affordable housing in typically quite established parts of Melbourne, where you’ve got infrastructure and amenities," he said.

    It comes after the NSW government and City of Sydney council confirmed nine holes of the course at Moore Park will be converted into a public park to make more space for residents in the densely-populated neighbouring suburbs of Zetland and Waterloo.

    What do you think about converting golf courses? Have your say below.

  • Survivor wins legal battle over 'FCANCER' plate

    A breast cancer survivor in the US has won her legal battle after her 'FCANCER' licence plates were recalled due to a "perceived profanity".

    Kari Lynn Overington, 43, argued the F stood for fight, but road authorities pointed out she had Facebook activity which included "f*** cancer".

    However a judge has ruled decisions on the issuing of personalised plates was discriminate and based on individual viewpoints.

    Read more here.

  • RBA's big claim about Aussie landlords

    The Reserve Bank of Australia has gone in to bat for landlords, stressing there's "little to no evidence" they're passing on higher mortgage repayments to struggling renters.

    The RBA has instead said the main contributor to higher rents is rental vacancy rates.

    Read more here.

  • Aussie star postpones wedding after horror mistake

    Socceroos star Jackson Irvine was forced to postpone his wedding in Denmark this week after he forgot his passport.

    Irvine, who plays club football for St Pauli in Germany's Hamburg, was coming off the back of a two-day bender after celebrating his team's promotion to the top division.

    Clearly impacted by a heavy hangover, wife-to-be Jemilla shared the unfortunate update on Instagram.

    "When you've been drunk for 2 days and forget to take your passport to your marriage appointment," she said. The pair were getting married in Denmark, where their passports were needed to tie the knot.

    Thankfully they were able to get married the next day once Irvine, who has become bit of a fashion icon off the pitch in recent years, was able to retrieve his passport.

    Jackson Irvine was eventually able to get married after retrieving his passport. Source: Instagram
    Jackson Irvine was eventually able to get married after retrieving his passport. Source: Instagram
  • Coles scammers tap into Aussie slang

    Scammers are giving their phishing texts an Aussie twist as cops warn Coles shoppers to keep an eye out for dodgy messages.

    "Oi mate, your Coles Rewards points are on the blink," one informal scam text shared by NSW Police read.

    I wonder how many people are falling for that one.

    Read more here.

  • Worker falls from Indonesian plane onto tarmac

    Disturbing video is spreading on social media of a worker falling from an Indonesian passenger plane after ground staff pulled away stairs from the aircraft's door.

    Shared by aviation veteran Sanjay Lazar, the man can be seen dropping several metres from the Transnusa Airlines plane reportedly in Jakarta.

    A source told AirLive the man did not suffer serious injury and the incident is under investigation.

  • Scott Morrison blasted over Donald Trump post

    Former prime minister Scott Morrison is ruffling a few feathers this morning after her posted a photo of himself with Donald Trump, and described Trump's legal woes as "a pile on".

    The two former world leaders are well acquainted of course, both driving a rapid decline in US and Australian ties with China at the start of the Covid pandemic.

    And on Tuesday night the pair met to talk about AUKUS – the defence pact that is widely seen as a direct counter measure to China's vast military expansion.

    "We also discussed the continuing assertions of China in the Indo-Pacific and the threats against Taiwan. These were issues we discussed regularly when we were both in office," Morrison said.

    The post did not go down well on X, with Morrison told he's "embarrassing" himself.

    "Read the room," one person bluntly wrote.

    Read more here.

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