Maya Jama feels 'pressure' ahead of her 30th birthday

Maya Jama is feeling the "pressure" ahead of her 30th birthday celebrations.

The 29-year-old beauty will celebrate her landmark birthday in August, and Maya is already thinking about how she'll mark the occasion.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Maya - who is dating rapper Stormzy - shared: "It’s pressure. When you’ve been doing parties every year it kind of feels like when you’re 30 it needs to be the biggest ever.

"It makes me feel like I should do the opposite and go on a little boat ride and do some yoga - but I doubt it!"

Maya has already achieved most of her career ambitions.

The TV star - who hosts the UK version of 'Love Island' - shared: "I feel like I need to set new goals because I have been so fortunate that all my childhood goals have been achieved now before I am 30.

"I am 30 this year and that is another milestone, but focus on your job first then plan the party after!"

Meanwhile, Maya previously suggested that she's been forced to overcome the odds in order to achieve success.

The TV star has always been very driven and career-minded - even during her teenage years.

Maya - who was was born and raised in Bristol, south-west England - told the Guardian newspaper: "When I was a teenager, I was so tunnel-vision focused.

"My upbringing was not very … I think, statistically, the things that happened to me, or the situation I was born into, I shouldn’t have been where I am now. But I think it made me more determined to prove everybody else wrong."

Maya - who rekindled her romance with Stormzy in 2023 - also insisted that she's earned every bit of her success.

She said: "I’ve felt like maybe some people didn’t take me seriously, or people downplay my success because of relationships or because of how I look - but I know how much I’ve worked."