Matthew McConaughey jokes his new tequila is ‘best thing’ he and his wife have made with pants on

Matthew McConaughey says making his new tequila brand is the “best thing” he and his wife have made with their pants on.

The ‘True Detective’ Oscar-winner, 54, boasted about his drink as acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud hosted an intimate celebrity party at Café Boulud on Park Avenue, New York, to toast the actor’s new brand Pantalones, which he created with his partner Camila Alves.

A source told Page Six Matthew gave a “hilarious” toast about the beverage in which he apparently told guests: “I measure my drink in five ways. One, how does it taste? Two, how is the time had on it, how’s the buzz? Three, how is the sleep? Four, how are the dreams? Five, how is the hangover?”

He is also said to have added: “The juice we have here will bat five for five,” and said it’s “the best thing that Camila and I made with our pants on!”

Matthew has three children with wife Camila, 40, and ahead of the party Matthew filmed a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’.

He told the host, 49, he recently took one of his kids to a Six Flags park in Texas to ride roller coasters for her birthday and lost his phone on one of the rides.

He said: “It landed off in the middle a swamp – phone’s gone, right. These guys at Six Flags say, ‘We can’t check down there right now, because we’re still open, but when it closes tonight, we’ll go out with flashlights and look for your phone.’

“The next afternoon at 6pm, my phone shows up in the mail. Yeah, they found it and sent it to me!”