Matt Hancock eats sheep vagina in 'I'm A Celebrity' trial...but Owen Warner wishes it had been him

Owen Warner wished he was Matt Hancock in I'm A Celebrity. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Owen Warner wished he was Matt Hancock in I'm A Celebrity. (Shutterstock/ITV)

It's viewed as the most revolting challenge in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and dreaded by campmates every year, but hungry Owen Warner was actually jealous that he did not get the chance to enjoy the eating trial.

Hollyoaks actor Warner complained that the challenge was wasted on Matt Hancock and Boy George, saying that he would have been happy to eat anything and would have liked it.

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Warner, who has been seen happily chowing down on campfire dinners such as wallaby tail, said as they went off to face the trial: “I’m jealous. I just wanted some food, man.”

Matt Hancock had to eat a sheep vagina. (ITV)
Matt Hancock had to eat a sheep vagina. (ITV)

In the Bush Telegraph he added: “I feel like they’re not going to appreciate all this stuff they’re eating. They’re going to be retching, vomming a little bit, maybe saying it’s rank. I will eat anything.”

He even called after the departing campmates to bring him back some leftover cockroaches for tea.

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But despite Warner thinking that the menu would not appeal to the pair, Hancock managed to choke down delicacies including fish eyes, sheep vagina, camel penis and blended mealworms, while Boy George finished off dishes including blended fermented duck egg, vomit fruit and fermented tofu.

They earned all 11 stars and came back to camp looking unwell.

Boy George faced some disgusting dishes. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Boy George faced some disgusting dishes. (Shutterstock/ITV)

But as they described how disgusting the trial had been, Warner simply looked jealous and muttered crossly: "That sounds alright."

He told the Bush Telegraph: "They were listing what they had to have and everyone was like 'ugh' but my belly was rumbling at the sound of it."

One viewer tweeted: "owen, im growing concerned now.. it sounded appetising to you??"

Someone else added: "First person EVER to want to do an eating trial and of course its Owen"

Another person wrote: "Owen saying his belly was rumbling about the sound of the eating challenge. you okay hun"

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