Matt Damon: Bourne again

Reporter: Rahni Sadler | Producer: Paul Waterhouse

Matt Damon said he felt like 'kind of a dick' leaving viewers uncertain if Bourne made it out of his third film alive, which drove him to create a fourth.

Despite his assertions back in 2007 that Jason Bourne wouldn’t be back, Jason Bourne is again about to hit cinema screens.

"We kind of felt like we really, we're kind of dicks if we don't do another one," Matt Damon said of his partnership with director Paul Greengrass.

Matt Damon says he felt leaving the final Bourne movie as a cliffhanger wasn't fair to fans

"So we wanted to but then it was a question of, well what would the movie be? Why would he come back now?"

But there was no question it would include the usual high-octane adventure that made the first of the franchise, The Bourne Identity, a runaway success.

"It is a lot more like a dance, because in a real fight you don't know what's going to happen and if you tried to do that, it would be just disastrous."

He gave reporter Rahni Sadler a crash course on fighting for the camera and rather than becoming an expert fighter, he has learned to be very skilled at not hitting people.

"It has got to be specifically choreographed, the camera's got to be in exactly the right place," he said.

"I'm a terrible fighter. I'm a movie fighter. I fight fake karate. I'm like a black belt in fake karate."

He began filming his first Bourne role at 29 — now a 45-year-old father of four, Matt Damon says he couldn’t be further from the character he is in Australia to promote.

"It's a lot harder, I mean everything is harder. I remember you know at 29 I thought, I boxed for 6 months, I was lifting weights, I was running, I mean I was really working out."

"But I love going out and drinking good wine and eating good food with my wife like it's one of my favourite things to do so that part was my, that was my sacrifice."

He has four daughters with wife Luciana and says he might be the star on-screen but at home he is outnumbered.

"I’m sure a lot of dads can relate to that – especially with daughters."

Jason Bourne is in cinemas July 28, watch the trailer.