MasterChef viewers complain about 'least favourite' part of series

The BBC One cooking contest has scores of fans - but it seems they all dislike the same part of the series.

MasterChef S20,08-05-2024,Knockout 2,Gregg Wallace, John Torode,**STRICTLY EMBARGOED NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 00:01 HRS ON TUESDAY 30TH APRIL 2024**,Shine TV,Production
MasterChef viewers were not happy about the professional kitchen round. (BBC)

MasterChef viewers have been complaining over the contest reaching their "least favourite" part, with some calling the latest round "irrelevant".

BBC One's cooking contest is usually a hit with fans, but they all seemed to agree that there was one part that they just didn't like as the contestants were sent to a professional kitchen.

Meanwhile, viewers were also struck by the difference between how a male and female doctor were described throughout the episode.

MasterChef usually can't put a foot wrong as far as its many loyal fans are concerned, but it seems there is one part of the competition that everyone dislikes - the professional kitchen round.

For the second time this week, a group of contestants was sent to work a service in a restaurant kitchen, this time visiting Spanish and Portuguese restaurant Joia in Battersea.

But while the amateur cooks looked excited to finally get their chef whites on, the viewers didn't share their enthusiasm.

One viewer wrote on X: "And now for the totally irrelevant restaurant bit." Someone else added: "Ah, the professional kitchens. My least favourite part of it all...." Another viewer agreed: "Dull professional kitchen section again."

Viewers didn't seem too impressed by the kitchen tasks given to the contestants, either, as one commented: "None of this professional kitchen food is appealing to me except the dessert."

Someone else complained: "I think the division of dishes is unfair - a LOT more prep & skill with some & not so much with others." Another viewer agreed: "Deboning fish is very time consuming, this is never a level playing field in the restaurant."

Viewers also complained about the difference between how the group's two medics were described throughout the episode, as male doctor George was given his title but female doctor Dinta wasn't.

One person asked: "Why is George being called Doctor George, yet Dinta, who is also a doctor, isn’t? Is it #CasualMisogyny or is George just a bit of a t**?"

MasterChef S20,18-04-2024,Heat 8,Dinta,**STRICTLY EMBARGOED NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 00:01 HRS ON TUESDAY 9TH APRIL 2024**,Shine TV,Production
Viewers wanted to know why Dinta wasn't given her doctor title. (BBC)

Others picked up on it too as one person asked: "Why are they saying Dr George but G. P Dinta?" and someone else commented: "I’m a massive #MasterChef fan but why do they keep referring to George as Dr George but never Dinta as Dr Dinta?"

Viewers also noticed vet Brin didn't get a title: "Why is it “Dr George” and not Dr Dinta or even Dr Brin?"

Noting that there were two doctors and a vet in the group, one viewer commented: "Out of the 5 left tonight, there are 2 doctors and 1 vet. We need doctors and vets more than we need more cooks!"

"I can't fully invest in anyone who already has a good job on #Masterchef. I'm sure Jonty the architect is a good cook and everything, but I wanna see Darren the brickie make a crème brûlée up against Sonja the classroom assistant," commented someone else. Another viewer joked: "No wonder you can’t see a GP if they’re all doing this."

MasterChef airs on BBC One at 7.30pm on Friday.