'The Masked Singer' Season 11 Reveals Its First Finalists

Lizard performs on "Shower Anthems Night" on 'The Masked Singer' season 11

After being the last group of masks to debut, this week saw the conclusion of Group C on The Masked Singer season 11. After slaying the songs of Billy Joel and surviving the first Wildcard of the season, the final three masks competed for only one spot in the endgame. But just when we thought we'd get our first heartbreaking elimination, a last-minute move by the judges caused a surprise ending.

Check out more information on tonight' "Shower Anthems Night" episode below to find out who was unmasked.

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Who got unmasked on The Masked Singer tonight?

For Lizard, the third round of being in the bottom was not the charm. He went out singing "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence. Then, Clock lost the Battle Royale performance. However, she was saved by the judges using the "Ding Dong Keep it On" Bell, meaning she advanced to the quarterfinals.

Who is Lizard on The Masked Singer?

After being eliminated, Lizard was unmasked and revealed to be singer and actor Sisqó.

Were there any guest appearances on The Masked Singer tonight?

Tonight's episode had special guest clue-givers in the form of The Love Boat star Jill Whelan and The Hills stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt.

Who's left in the game of The Masked Singer season 11?








Miss Cleocatra

Poodle Moth


Spaghetti & Meatballs


Ugly Sweater

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