Married at First Sight star Mel Schilling shares health update amid cancer battle

Married At First Sight expert Mel Schilling has shared a health update amid her cancer battle, reassuring viewers that she is “doing well”.

The Australian dating specialist, 52, was diagnosed with colon cancer before Christmas and has been undergoing chemotherapy since having surgery in December.

Schilling explained that while treatment has left her tired, she is “doing well” and she fortunate to not to be receiving chemo that would result in her losing her hair.

Although she is experiencing several side effects including “tingly fingers” and sensitivity to the cold.

Appearing on Monday’s Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, the E4 star shared: “I'm doing well. So, this is currently a week off in my chemo cycles, which is why I've got quite a lot of energy today. I'm doing well. Thank you.

Later speaking about how chemo is impacting her, Schilling remained optimistic: “I've learned there is a lot of different types of chemo... so the type of chemo that I have, doesn't really make me sick.

Schilling pictured with Amanda Holden (L) and Jamie Theakston (R) on Heart Breakfast (Instagram/Mel Schilling)
Schilling pictured with Amanda Holden (L) and Jamie Theakston (R) on Heart Breakfast (Instagram/Mel Schilling)

“It's not going to make me lose my hair.

“I have other side effects like tingly fingers, that's a funny one and very sensitive to cold. So, I have to wear gloves a lot. And just a little bit tired.”

She also confirmed that the MAFS UK team are “deep in” filming for the new series, which she said is “fabulous”.

The TV star shared: “You know something that I will tell you about the new UK season is that it's a very different group of people.

“It's probably not the group of people you would expect to see on Married at First Sight or indeed any reality TV show.

“It's a different type of person. And I think a lot of our audience are going to find it very relatable. I think you're going to see it a bit differently for the next UK season.”