Mark Hamill Names Favorite Part Of Donald Trump’s ‘Frequent Verbal Catastrophes’

Actor Mark Hamill loves Donald Trump’s awkward attempts to style out his speaking gaffes.

On Sunday, the “Star Wars” icon highlighted his favorite part of Donald Trump’s “frequent verbal catastrophes.”

It’s always “the recovery,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“That moment right after the wipeout when he doubles down & assertively continues with all the Pee-Wee Herman ‘I meant to do that!’ energy he can muster,” Hamill explained.

Hamill shared footage of Trump flubbing a line during a rally in Pennsylvania recently to make his point.

Hamill has been a longtime critic of the four-times-indicted former president, most recently mocking the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s spelling.

At the same rally, Trump was widely mocked for his weird take on the Battle of Gettysburg.