Marjorie Taylor Greene threatens House speaker Mike Johnson in rollercoaster Fox News interview

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened to remove the new Republican House Speaker, insisted her colleagues had damning dirt on Joe Biden, and pushed the white supremacist Great Replacement Theory in a Fox News interview.

Ms Greene appeared on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

She first addressed Hunter Biden's shock appearance at a House Oversight committee meeting last week. Ms Greene compared him to a child throwing a tantrum, according to Mediaite.

“I was absolutely shocked that he decided to show up that day, and he looked like a child pitching a temper tantrum when he finally got caught and was going to be in trouble,” she said.

Hunter Biden has said he is willing to honour a Republican subpoena to give evidence about accusations concerning his business practices but only in public. Republicans want to hold the hearings in secret.

Ms Greene then spent several minutes railing against the president's son, accusing him of the interstate trafficking of women and insisting that Republicans have more damning evidence against the older Biden than exists in the 91 felony charges that have been brought against Donald Trump.

She said the Democrats “could only dream of having this kind of evidence against President Trump and his family".

The conversation eventually shifted to a looming federal appropriations deadline, and Ms Greene's feelings on House Republicans cutting deals with Democrats to keep the government running.

Ms Greene said she did not want to see any continuing resolutions — bills intended to keep the government operating until appropriations legislation can be passed — passed, and was especially opposed to a bill that would provide $60bn in funding for Ukraine. She threatened to vacate the Speakership if Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson took the deal.

“I told Speaker Johnson if he made that deal in exchange for $60bn for Ukraine, I would vacate the chair,” she said. “And I still stand by those words.”

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was removed from his seat last year by Maga Republican lawmakers for striking a deal with Democrats to keep the government running.

Ms Greene also insisted that any lawmaker, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, who did not support strict border security measures was in violation of their oath. That led to her repeating the claims of the Great Replacement Theory, which claims Democrats want to fill the country with immigrants in hopes they will then vote for Democratic lawmakers.

The theory is frequently pushed by white supremacists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Democrats are going to bring in millions and millions of illegals and turn them into Democrat voters,” Ms Greene said. “That’s their plan, is to replace Americans with millions and millions of illegal aliens.”