Marjorie Taylor Greene roasted after she complains about salary and how Congress makes her ‘miserable’

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been criticised after she complained about her Congressional salary of $174,000 and that the job makes her “miserable”.

“Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here,” Ms Greene told journalist Glenn Greenwald on his podcast System Update.

“It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it, but I’m committed to this job because I believe in it,” she added.

Members of both the House and the Senate make an annual salary of $174,000, public records state.

Ms Greene was elected to the House in 2020 before which she co-founded a CrossFit affiliate gym, Insider noted.

“The nature of this job, it keeps members of Congress and senators in Washington so much of the time, too much of the time to be honest with you,” Ms Greene told Mr Greenwald.

She added that the “demanding” job keeps her away from family and friends in Georgia.

“We don’t get to go home and spend more time with our families, our friends … or maybe just be regular people because this job is so demanding. It’s turned into practically year-round,” she said. “For those of us in the House of Representatives, we have to run for Congress every two years. So you’re practically campaigning nearly the entire time that you’re here serving as a representative.”

Ms Greene said she’s bothered in public by individuals who “come up to me and say crazy things to me out of the blue in public places that they believe because they read it on the internet or saw it on some news show about me”.

Ms Greene was criticised for her comments by social media users.

“Feel free to step aside if it isn’t too cushy of a job for you @RepMTG. Millions of us won’t mind. #stopwhining,” one Twitter user told Ms Greene.

“Griping Greene you don’t get to serve the Constitution and its people expecting to profit. Get a part time job or better yet, just quit,” another added.

“Really? Being in Congress isn’t supposed to be about money. And I guarantee you make more per year than most of your constituents. If you don’t like the life and job, stop running for office,” a third said.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan wrote: “Almost word for word what Trump has said in the past. Such patriots.”

“Her courage and sacrifice are an inspiration to us all,” David Lazarus added.

“Don’t drink her tears. Capture them and use for drought relief in western USA. Lake Mead refill,” Sally Jo Sorensen tweeted.

“Then please, freaking resign. Because it hasn’t been a party for the rest of us either listening to your lies, treason, misinformation and hate!” Hedy Salazar wrote.