Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses FBI chief while urging him to read her tweets

Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene confused which agency the FBI director worked for during a charged committee hearing about “Worldwide Threats to the Homeland” — and was baffled that he hadn’t seen her X account.

During a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday, Ms Greene started the winding conversation by asking FBI Director Christopher Wray about the 18 October arrests at the Capitol complex, which were prompted by protesters called for an end to the Israel-Gaza conflict. She tried drawing parallels between this incident and the January 6 Capitol riot, and law enforcement’s different responses to each event.

Ms Greene was holding an enlarged photo of a text exchange that said “Global Intifada” at the top. Signalling to the photo, Ms Greene asked Mr Wray, “Were you aware of this?”

Mr Wray said he hadn’t seen the photos before.

Ms Greene retorted, “Well I posted them on my Twitter account. It’s public.”

Mr Wray then cut in, saying, “I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter.”

The Georgia Republican said, “Oh, I’m sure you do because the Department of Homeland Security, organised with other offices, has censored many Americans including myself.”

“I’m not part of the Department of Homeland Security,” Mr Wray clarified.

Perhaps her mistake was related to her longstanding feud with the Department of Homeland Security. Earlier this week, Ms Greene tried to pass articles of impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. However, that effort failed, after eight Republicans sided with Democrats, opposing the resolution.

Social media users quickly jumped on the Georgia Republican’s slip-up.

Mary Trump, the former president’s estranged niece, reacted to the exchange on X: “In a major blunder, Marjorie Taylor Greene mistakes FBI head Christopher Wray for the head of the Department of Homeland Security.” Ms Trump added, “She is a fucking embarrassment.”

Journalist Aaron Rupar remarked, “Marjorie is going to file an article of impeachment because Wray doesn’t follow her on twitter.”

Another user joked, “She really should quit the Senate.”