Man’s sickening act after allegedly murdering girlfriend

A man accused of murdering his girlfriend tried to sell her car with her dead body in the backseat, police say.

Robert Miquel Johnson, 31, has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend Pamela Paz, 44, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Police said Ms Paz’s body was found in a small parking area underneath an overpass on May 2 at about 6am.

An autopsy determined she died from neck trauma and/or strangulation.

Robert Miquel Johnson, 31, is pictured.
Robert Miquel Johnson, 31, is accused of killing his girlfriend. Source: Nashville police

“Detectives located a witness who reported the day before Paz’s body was found, Johnson attempted to sell her Dodge Charger with the victim deceased in the back seat,” police said.

Johnson is currently incarcerated in Wilson County on unrelated charges with police in Tennessee set to issue more.

Police had been searching for Johnson and arrested him on June 5.

Pamela Paz, 44, is pictured.
Pamela Paz, 44, was found dead in a car park. Source: WRKN News 2

Slain mum 'selfless and cared so much'

When he was located an alibi he provided was proven to be false, police said.

Ms Paz was a single mum to four children, NBC News 4 Nashville reported.

Her daughter Kendall Smith, 18, told the station her mum was “selfless and cared so much about everybody”.

“My brothers don’t deserve this, my sister don’t deserve this, I don’t deserve this, she didn’t deserve that,” she told WKRN.

Ms Paz’s friend Angela Heath told the station she feels like she’s in a horror movie after coming to terms with what happened to the mother of four.

“It doesn’t feel like real life right now,” she said.

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