Man’s move with shark divides beachgoers: ‘People don’t understand’

Aussies were shocked to see the man holding a shark in his hands and carrying it towards his vehicle.

Footage of a man waddling towards his ute while carrying an upside down shark with both hands has left Aussies unsure how to react.

The incident played out near Maroochydore Beach on the Sunshine Coast this week and many passers-by stopped to stare at the unusual scene as a young boy chased after the man who had presumably fished the shark — which is believed to be a bull shark. Many grabbed their phones to video their movements, with one man sharing his footage online while joking that "dinner [has] been sorted for a whole week" thanks to the catch.

The man carries the shark with both hands in front of him (left) and chucks the shark into the ute (right).
A man was spotted on the Sunshine Coast throwing a shark into a ute this week. Source: TikTok

The man struggled to throw the shark into the back of his ute, unintentionally hitting its head on the latch, before putting it on the ground to get a better hold of it. He managed to pick it up and put it into the back of his ute.

Aussies divided over footage

The footage was shared online and Aussies had a mixed reaction to it, with some calling it "cruel" while others were awestruck by the catch and watching the footage which shows the animal up close.

"People don’t understand we need sharks," one wrote online, while others called the man their "f**king hero".

Bull sharks not considered a 'no-take' species

In Queensland there is a list of sharks species which are not allowed to be taken by fisherman such as the grey nurse shark and white shark, however, bull sharks are allowed to be taken if certain criteria are met.

"A number of shark species are no-take species in Queensland waters, but bull sharks are not one of them," a spokesperson from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries told Yahoo News.

"There is a possession limit of one shark or ray per person, and a boat limit of two sharks or rays if there are two or more people on the boat."

Bull sharks up to 150 centimetres in length can be taken but anything longer cannot.

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