Man's 'legendary' revenge on campers who dumped broken tent on foreshore

The man found the group with the help of his community.

With frustrations over tourists littering beaches with discarded camping gear reaching a boiling point over the Christmas holidays, one man has been praised for his determination to teach a "selfish" group of revellers a lesson about taking waste home with you.

A local from Lake Macquarie, NSW, said a group of people set up their "3x6 gazebo" on the city's foreshore an entire three weeks before Boxing Day to "claim a spot for one day" — then left the "busted up" tent behind once they were done.

Image of the group in their tinnie on the left. Image of the broken gazebo left behind at the camping site on the right.
Locals are fuming after the 'selfish' group pitched their camping gear three weeks early to reserve a spot, then abandoned the broken gazebo after leaving. Source: Facebook

"They said they'd be back for it but must have forgot (sic)," he sarcastically posted in a community Facebook group alongside photos of the two men and two women, their tinnie and the heap of rubbish on the ground. "I'd like to return their goods to them," the man continued, asking if anyone knew who they were.

Quickly, with the help of internet sleuths, the owner of the tinnie was found through their boat registration, with one person saying they had recently sold it to them and could give an address and phone number.

The remnants of the gazebo were then hand-delivered by the man to the camper's front yard. The act of revenge has been labelled "legendary" by some.

The remnants of the broken tent on the grass at the campsite.
The remnants of the gazebo were hand-delivered by the man to a member of the group's front yard. Source: Facebook

Aussies sick of 'disgusting' dumping behaviour

Hundreds of fed-up locals were quick to share their anger over the apparent dumping, saying such behaviour is what "gets everyone banned". "Disgusting selfish people! Send all these photos and information to Lake Macquarie Council to report illegal dumping on public property! They may be able to track and fine them," a frustrated woman replied.

"That's very charitable of you. They did say they would be back so it will save them a trip. True Aussie spirit," another person joked.

Dumping or abandoning waste is not only frowned upon, it is illegal in NSW where an individual can cop a $7500 on-the-spot fine from the Environmental Protection Authority, but they can range up to $1,000,000 and/or seven years imprisonment for wilfully negligent dumping that causes environmental harm.

Camping gear was left strewn across the sand in Noosa.
Camping gear was left strewn across the sand in Noosa following Christmas celebrations. Source: Facebook

Locals forced to lean up Christmas litter

Holidaymakers fleeing the extreme weather that battered Queensland in recent days were criticised over the weekend for dumping litter, including discarded CoolCabanas, on the Noosa North Shore on the Sunshine Coast.

Locals were left furious at the scene, fearing that the mess would lead to a ban on camping so close to the beach. "Just a matter of time and no one will be permitted to camp at these beautiful places," one local said.

Residents of Sydney's Bronte Beach have also slammed a raucous Christmas party that saw tens of thousands of tourists leave so much rubbish residents were forced to pitch in to clean up broken glass and vomit.

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