Man's hilarious response to neighbour who complained about his fence

Jason Windus’s naked ‘garden party’ is quite the spectacle in his California neighbourhood. (Photo: Courtesy of ABC7)

A man who received a zoning violation from the city of Santa Rosa, California after a neighbour complained that his fence that was too high decided to respond to the notice by trimming the fence down to the required height — then displaying a naked mannequin ‘garden party’ on his front lawn.

Good fences apparently don’t make good neighbours for Jason Windus, who said he received the violation after a neighbour reported his six-foot fence for blocking a suburban corner and obstructing visibility for drivers at the intersection, according to ABC 6.

Windus told the station that the notice warned him he’d be fined every day until the fence was taken down.

“It is very serious,” he told the station. “They made me freak out.”

Windus decided to recruit a friend, who arrived with a big saw to cut down the fence to a respectable height.

It’s now in accordance with the city’s code but too short to contain Windus’s two dogs.

So the professional mover staged his own silent protest by grabbing an ominous-looking mannequin assortment he had lying around from one of his moving jobs and arranging the dolls to look like they’re having a casual, clothing-optional get-together on some wicker lawn furniture.

“I guess the average person would get angry and cop resentment?” Windus said. “I throw a naked party in my yard.”

It turns out Windus’s fence height may not have technically been legal, but the life-sized dummies are, according to ABC 6. He even cheekily censored some of the mannequins’ private areas.

But the racy garden party is not an exclusive one. Windus made sure to extend an invite to the nosy neighbour who reported him by providing an extra perch beside the motionless guests along with a sign that reads, “Reserved seat for the nosy neighbour that complained about my fence to the city.”

So far, the whistleblower has not RSVPd and remains unidentified.

But others in the area are getting a kick out of the unconventional outdoor decor, and some give Windus a thumbs-up as they drive by.

“I love it. I think it’s hilarious. More power to him,” one neighbour told an NBC affiliate in the Bay Area of the mannequin display.

Windus’s only regret now is that his two dogs, including his big mastiff, won’t have a place to run now.

In the meantime he’s finding humour in a situation that’s out of his control, and notes that he has no idea when he’ll take the display down, or whether he’ll even add to it.

He joked to NBC, “I was thinking of putting a barbecue out here next.”

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