Man unleashes on anti-vaxxers in TikTok after wife dies from cancer

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A heartbroken man has unleashed on anti-vaxxers after his wife, who had stage-4 breast cancer, was discharged early from hospital to free up her bed for Covid patients.

Jason Arena’s wife, Marilyn, had been battling cancer for seven years and succumbed to the illness several weeks after being discharged from hospital.

In a furious TikTok video, Mr Arena from Mooresville, North Carolina in the US, took aim at Covid deniers whose refusal to take the vaccine led to them being hospitalised when they caught the virus.

“If you don’t trust the medical field to prevent you from getting it, why do you trust them to cure you from it?” he said.

Jason Arena's wife, Marilyn, died from breast cancer after she was discharged early from hospital
Jason Arena's wife, Marilyn, died from breast cancer after she was discharged early from hospital. Source: TikTok/Jason Arena

“Why do you run to the f***ing hospital?”

Mr Arena said his wife spent two days in hospital suffering from abdominal swelling, and while she was “stable”, she still needed another one or two more nights in care.

Instead, he claims she was “kicked out” before doctors could drain the fluid because there was “no room” at the hospital due to an influx of Covid patients.

“People like my wife who actually need medical f***ing help for a chronic f***ing disease get kicked out of the hospital because your dumbass is too stupid to go and get a f***ing vaccine shot."

Mr Arena reiterated that he respects people's decisions around the vaccine, but says his issue is with people who deny the vaccine and then turn to doctors for medical assistance when they catch the virus.

“If you really believe Covid is not a big deal – prove it," he said. "Stick to your f***ing guns. Keep your ass at home and f***ing deal with it.”

The TikTok clip, posted in August, received more than 5 million views. Two weeks after it was posted – and a month after being discharged from hospital – Mrs Arena passed away.

Mr Arena's TikTok video questioning anti-vaxxers has been seen more than 5 million times. Source: TikTok/Jason Arena

According to CNN, Mrs Arena made the tough decision to stop chemotherapy in April this year.

“Nobody deserves to have the life experience that my wife had. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” Mr Arena told CNN.

“People’s ability to heal from their disease is being diminished, and it’s not right. People are losing their lives, not just from Covid, collateral damage from Covid. How many people’s disease got worse because they couldn’t get treatment?”

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