Man shot in driveway of his Sydney home

Jessica Dietrich

A man who almost had his leg blown off by a gunman in Sydney’s west on Monday night, has no idea why he was shot.

Clifford Fraser, 49, was shot while he was standing in the driveway of his St Clair home around 8.30pm.

The father of two had just arrived home from a gym workout and stepped out of his car, when a bullet tore through his left leg and broke his bone.

"My eyes went on the ground.. and I seen the empty casings on the ground. And that's when I realised that he had a gun," Mr Fraser told 7 News from his bed at Westmead Hospital today.

After the shots were fired, Mr Fraser's wife and teenage son ran out to help him. They believe they saw the man responsible taking off down the street in a silver Commodore.

Apart from shattering Mr Fraser’s bone, the bullet also ripped part of his left calf muscle off.

Clifford Fraser was shot in the driveway of his St Clair home. Source: 7 News.

He now faces a leg reconstruction and has been told he won't be able to walk for at least six months.

The 49-year-old who runs a pet-care business says he has no idea whether he was followed or why he was shot.

His wife, Joanna Fraser, also has no idea why Mr Fraser was targeted.

"It's a question mark as to why we were targeted. Whether it was a case of mistaken identity, which we hope it is,” she said.

Police are appealing for anyone who knows more to call Crime Stoppers.

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