Man shares his own brutal shark attack on Instagram moments after it happened

Natasha Christian

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: A 27-year-old diver has shared his brutal shark attack wounds on social media, just moments after the terrifying encounter occurred.

The attack happened on Sunday afternoon at Upolu Point in Kohala, Hawaii.

Instead of weeping and freaking out, John Braxton hit the record button on his phone after a tiger shark took a piece out of his leg.

He uploaded the graphic video to Instagram, where it quickly gained plenty of attention.

“I just got attacked by a tiger shark! Hoooo!,” he said as he was loaded into an ambulance.

Photo: John Braxton Instagram

Those watching can see the camera pan down his leg to show a large split where the shark attacked him.

“I love you my brother,” says a friend watching on.

“Love you too!” Mr Braxton replied.

Mr Braxton was airlifted to North Hawaii Community Hospital in serious condition.

Before the shark bite video, Mr Braxon’s Instagram was mostly inspirational quotes and photos of food.