Man saves his pooch from frozen lake drowning

Caity Stone

A dramatic rescue has been captured on camera of a man jumping into a frozen lake to save his drowning dog.

The Swedish man, Jonas Lundh had no option but to jump into the freezing cold water to rescue his best friend Rocky from certain death, risking his own life in the process.

GoPro footage of the dramatic dog rescue. Source: Youtube

The pair were on a hunting trip when Rocky ran away chasing a moose they were tracking into the freezing lake.

The moose managed to navigate the treacherous water, swimming across the lake to a near-by island but the Rocky became stuck in the ice and was unable to move.

The moment the dog and owner push through the ice. Source: Youtube

Dog-lover Jonas was forced to jump into the icy water in a big to rescue the distressed dog.

The Go-Pro footage posted by Lundh on Youtube has since had more than 25,000 views and is rapidly climbing.

At the beginning of the five-minute clip Mr Lundh can be heard frantically calling for his friend who is barking in the distance.

After tracking Rocky down Mr Lundh jumps into the water and the dramatic rescue mission begins.

Lundh swims through the water, karate-chopping through ice and debris until he reaches and ultimately resues his best friend.

Finally both back on dry land. Source: Youtube

Since posting the video on-line Mr Lundh has been called a hero and we agree!

There has been a recent spate of dramatic rescues caught on tape.

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A sailor and his cat were forced to abandon their sinking yacht, and float on board a life raft for five hours.

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