Man rescues kangaroo caught between cattle grid

A man has rescued a kangaroo from a cattle grid, in an act that has been described as "heroic".

Footage posted on Facbook page 'Only In Australia' shows the kangaroo caught face-down between the bars of a cattle grid.

The man, who is yet to be identified, steps up to the kangaroo in the middle of an outback road.

The man seizes the kangaroo by the hind legs. Source: OnlyInAustralia/Facebook

"We might be able to get him out without getting hurt," the man tells the person filming, as he examines the situation.

Sensing the man's presence, the kangaroo begins to huff and squirm inside the cattle grid.

"What a bad way to be mate," the man tells the kangaroo.

"He's not going to bite you?" A child's voice can be heard asking off-camera.

"He's stuffed," the man says, and takes hold of the kangaroo's legs. "Oh wait, maybe not."

He continues to pull, even as the roo begins to become quite agitated. Source: OnlyInAustralia/Facebook

Eventually managing to dislodge the kangaroo's torso, the man edges back and pulls harder.

The roo begins to huff more loudly, frightening the child.

"Get away, get away!" the child cries out to the man, who seems to be their father.

"He's alright," the man assures the child, still maneuvering the kangaroo's hind legs.

"H's not that big, I can fight him."

"Careful, Dad," a second child warns.

The roo finally makes a getaway. Source: OnlyInAustralia/Facebook

With one final pull, the man manages to wrangle the kangaroo's head out from between the bars.

"Ho!" the man yells when it finally comes free.

The children both cheer with joy as the kangaroo makes a quick getaway, one of them wishing it "a good life" as it bounds off into the distance.

Social media has since been flooded with praise for the man.

"What a hero, deserves a medal," Peter Johnson wrote.

Mel and Chad Davey agreed. "Awesome job who ever you are #legend," they wrote.

"Glad to see you educating your kids the right way in regards to helping our amazing wildlife in the beautiful place we call home."

Barman Roger Harrison works at Glen Helen Homestead, in the West MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs.

Mr Harrison said he had chatted with the man in the video about the rescue attempt last night.

"I work at the bar and I was having a chat with him," he said.

"He was saying last night that his video already has over 5 million views on YouTube as well.

"He is just touring around Australia with his family."

News break – July 29