Man pushes Muslim woman into oncoming train

Ben Brennan

A Japanese national is facing attempted murder charges in Britain after allegedly shoving a Muslim woman into the path of an oncoming train.

Yoshiyuki Shinohara, 81, is alleged to have committed the crime at London’s Picadilly Circus Barkaloo line platform on Tuesday of last week.

Footage of the attack shows a man shoving the woman as the train approaches. Photo: Screenshot

Security video of the incident shows a woman standing close to the edge of the platform when a man approaches her and shoves her in the back.

The push sends her crashing into the side of an oncoming train.

The Independent reports a British Transport Police spokesman said the woman escaped the incident with only minor injuries.

Footage of the incident shows other commuters rushing to her aid.

The woman bounced off of the train as commuters rushed to her aid. Photo: Screenshot

Mr Shinohara was denied bail when he appeared in the Westminster Magistrates Court on an attempted murder charge.

He is due to re-appear in court on November 25.