Man on a mission to clean 'deplorable' public toilets

Man on a mission to clean 'deplorable' public toilets

A Melbourne man with a passion for cleanliness is so disgusted with the state of public toilets at his local shopping centres he has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Frank Sullivan, who lives in Melbourne's outer east, has armed himself with his own loo brush and disinfectant to scrub them clean.

Mr Sullivan is on a mission to prove that the standard of cleaning is not up to scratch, the Knox Leader reports.

He slammed the toilets at Wantirna Mall and Studfield Shopping Centres as 'filthy and deplorable'.

When Mr Sullivan kicked up a stink, the local council advised that the facilities are cleaned twice a day and routinely inspected.

However, Mr Sullivan said the standard of cleaning was 'unacceptable'.

“I monitored this toilet for some time and I did prove then that the toilets were not cleaned as they should have been,” he said.

He said after cleaning the urinals at Wantirna Mall, they were 'spotless' - an indication that they were not being cleaned properly by staff.

He asked the council to get a 'fair dinkum contractor who will do what he is paid to do'.

Dr Ian Belle, of the Knox Council, said all public toilets were cleaned by contractors and inspected routinely.

“During council’s inspections, the toilets have been found to be in a generally clean state,” he said.

“However, they can appear discoloured at times due to natural wear and tear following years of use.”

Mr Sullivan, who is treasurer of the Knox Ratepayer's Association, said an audit of public toilets in the area found overflowing urinals, cigarette butts, graffiti, no toilet paper, broken toilets, cobwebs, blowflies and putrid smells.

After seeing no improvements in that time, Mr Sullivan decided to get his own hands dirty.

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