Bushmills: Man nailed to fence and vans set on fire in 'sinister' midnight attack

A man has been nailed to a fence in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, leaving him with potentially life-changing injuries.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) were called to reports of a serious assault in the Bushmills area in the early hours of Sunday.

Shortly after midnight they discovered a man in his 20s with nails through each hand, attached to a fence.

Alongside that, in a nearby public car park, two vans, including one belonging to the victim, were set on fire.

The attack was described as "sinister" and "brutal" and on the wall of a public toilet there was graffiti that officers believe is linked to the attack.

The victim also had injuries to his nose and was rushed to hospital where his condition is not life-threatening but his injuries may be life-changing.

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Detective Inspector Lyttle said: "This was a sinister attack which has left this man with potentially life-changing injuries.

"Everyone has the right to live their life free from the threat of violence and this brutal attack by people who violate the human rights of others must be universally condemned.

"We live in a democratic society where there is no justification for this.

"Those responsible brutalise their own communities and control others through intimidation and violence."

He added that the attack took place in a residential area, that had a number of holiday homes which would have been busy over the bank holiday weekend.

Alliance MLA for North Antrim Sian Mulholland described the attack as "especially appalling".

"My first thoughts are with the victim of this serious assault," she said.

She added: "The nature of this attack was especially appalling and has left the victim with potentially life-altering injuries.

"It is not acceptable under any circumstances to brutally assault someone in this manner and I hope the man makes a full recovery.

"There is no place for this violence in Bushmills, North Antrim or anywhere else in Northern Ireland."

TUV leader and North Antrim MLA Jim Allister condemned the incident, saying there was no place for mob rule.

"I express my dismay at the gruesome and cruel attack carried out in the village," he said.

The PSNI asked anyone with any information or footage to contact them.