Man marries secret childhood crush after reuniting 60 years later

It’s a common saying that true love lasts a lifetime and for one man that certainly is the case after marrying his childhood crush some 60 years later.

After reuniting on Facebook five years ago, Eric Bogliani wed his wife, Elaine, last Saturday in Leicestershire, UK, the BBC reported.

The couple hadn’t seen each other for nearly 60 years but that didn’t deter them. Source: BBC

Mr Bogliani revealed he had a crush on Elaine at the young age of seven, but after his mother told him he was too young for the then nine-year-old, he decided not to tell her about his feelings.

“If it hadn’t been for Facebook, we would never have found each other,” Mr Bogliani told the BBC.

Ms Bogliani was oblivious to her future husband’s feelings during their schooldays. Source: BBC

In a fitting tribute, the pair married in the same school Mr Bogliani first laid eyes upon his future wife.

“These years we’ve had together and the years we will have together in the future we may have missed. And how could you miss this?”  Ms Bogliani said.

Another couple in the US who met at school reunited earlier this year after an impressive 71 years apart.