Man injured in car crash after ignoring Queensland flood warnings

Ben Brennan and AAP

Police have refreshed their warnings for people to stay safe during Queensland’s floods after a man was hurt in a crash on a closed road in the state’s north.

A search and rescue operation was launched on Tuesday after a family was spotted in the flooding area in a car on a closed road near Julia Creek at about 2.30pm.

An aerial scene of floodwaters at Julia Creek, Queensland. Photo: Cleveland Maltman/Facebook

Police were unable to find the vehicle but soon received reports it had crashed about 60 kilometres north of the area on Wills Development Road.

A 43-year-old man was taken to hospital with minor injuries after the crash.

The incident drew a new warning from Queensland Police for people to avoid driving in floodwaters.

There were no rain delays in this cricket match at Blackall. Photo: Cassie Turner/Facebook

“We would like to remind all drivers to reconsider their travel plans while we are experiencing such heavy downpours in the area,” Inspector Trevor Kidd said.

“Roads have been closed to ensure the safety of the public. Drivers who undertake risky driving behaviour by disobeying those signs is putting themselves and emergency services crews in danger when they respond to calls for help.

“Remember, if it’s flooded, forget it.”

The slow-moving rain-band provided much-needed relief to areas including Mt Isa, Cloncurry and Winton earlier this week.

But, while a relief for many, the heavy rains have also brought widespread flooding.

The dam Cloncurry overflows. Photo: Jean Tapp/Facebook

The rain is expected to track down the Queensland/Northern Territory border on Thursday and Friday before heading east towards Longreach on the weekend, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

However, exact rainfall amounts are hard to predict.

"In the southwest we're expecting 50-60mm right near the western border, which is a bit unusual for out there," BOM forecaster David Bernard told AAP.

More storms were forecast for Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Burketown and Normanton on Wednesday.

A moderate flood alert remains in place for catchment areas in the state's Gulf Country, including the Flinders and Nicholson Rivers.

The Barcoo River, near Blackall, is experiencing minor flooding, with a further river level rise expected.

The Barcoo River. Photo: Aaron Piper/Facebook

The heavy rain that drenched parts of drought-stricken northwest Queensland is now expected to move to southern parts of the state.

Flood warnings have been issued for northern South Australia while the Northern Territory has also experienced dangerous flooding.

A flood warning was been issued for South Australia's northeast pastoral region as a tropical low pressure system moves south from the Northern Territory.

After the rains have passed. Photo: Higgins Storm Chasing/Facebook

Heavy rain was expected to develop near the SA border late on Wednesday before extending further south on Thursday and Friday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Residents have been warned to expect road closures and to prepare to move to a safe location if flooding occurs.

Flooding has forced the closure of a 300km stretch of the NT's Stuart Highway and caused a woman aged in her 50s to drown.

Rising water. Photo: Higgins Storm Chasing/Facebook

NT authorities have called off a search for a 28-year-old man who was swept away by floodwaters on Christmas Day.

"We've been searching for four days now with helicopter, boat and also on foot. We have not located that person, so we do fear that he is deceased," Commander Bruce Porter told the ABC.