Massive hailstones shatter car windows as passengers scream

Motorists traveling on a central highway in Alberta, Canada, were hammered by massive hail the size of golf balls when a storm suddenly hit on Monday.

Gibran Marquez posted a video on Twitter saying he and his two friends were just five kilometres south of a service station when huge hailstones bombarded their car.

The trio had pulled over from the highway they were driving on to wait out the storm that Mr Marquez says lasted for about 17 minutes.

People huddled in a car during storm
Gibran Marquez and his two friends huddled in a car on the side of Queen Elizabeth II highway in Alberta, Canada, during a horrific hailstorm. Source: Twitter/@GibranMarquez7

The video shows Marquez and his friends trapped in the car and huddled together as the vehicle’s windows started to break from the impact of the hailstones.

"Put the backpack on your left," Marquez was heard saying as he passed the driver a bag to use as a shield from the breaking windows amid screams from other people also caught in the storm. The driver then shielded the woman from the breaking windows.

Marquez later mentioned that some of the people in the car suffered from cuts, bruises and even a mild concussion.

Marquez, who posted other videos of the storm and its aftermath, was inundated with comments and queries shortly after the frightening incident.

Other people who were also caught in the storm shared their own experience in the comments.

"I hope you guys are okay. I was one of the people behind you. We are ok, some minor scratches on my neck as I tried to protect my son, but lost our car as well," one woman related, sharing an image of her car with a completely shattered window.

Car with hail damage after storm; man's hands holding hail stones; smashed back windscreen
Gibran Marquez and other Twitter users show scenes from the aftermath of the terrifying hailstorm that hit Alberta. Source: Twitter/@GibranMarquez7

Marquez's vehicle was also destroyed, with a picture showing it on the side of the road with yellow caution tape on it.

The storm also had a tornado warning attached to it for several hours until it was eventually cancelled after the hail, reports say.

According to storm chasers in the area that measured the stones, some of the hail that dropped were as big as grapefruits.

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